Right Place, Right Time

I am a strong believer in being in the right place at the right time.

Over a drink with family (I’d like to say over coffee but it wasn’t coffee) we were discussing my Brother-in-law’s, new business, Cybershelter. They are currently heavily involved with helping businesses with security and the upcoming GDPR roll out from the EU. Due to my previous marketing experience I was aware of the new data protection laws that were being instigated, and, of course, the rationale behind them. It was during this conversation that I realised that after an enormous amount of time in the world of retail and leisure that this was the perfect new challenge for me and we discussed how I could support the business.

They say that most relationships that both work and last are due to the yin and yang of those concerned. Well this is true of Martin and me. He’s passionate about his work and when he talks about it he tends to get into the technical details without realising. When this happens I must admit my eyes tend to glaze over (don’t tell him mind, I’ve always been able to look interested even though I’m actually day dreaming). However that isn’t my expertise and I should imagine many of you who are reading this wouldn’t know all the technical terminology or what it means either, apologies of course if you do.

We can’t be experts in everything that we do but we each have our own skill set that we play to. Martin is fond of saying, ‘People are only really good at what they love doing’. True enough for both of us.

My career started many years ago, not going to admit how many ‘cause it’s scary when I say it. I remember the boring conversations with my parents and grandparents, with them saying so much has changed and it’s not the same nowadays. Now of course I’m saying the same thing to younger members of my own family. But I do think my generation now embraces change in a way that the previous ones didn’t, probably because it happens so much faster and it has become a necessity of life. I remember fax machines and mobile phones that weighed 2lb (no idea about Kilograms). Can you imagine carrying a bag of sugar around with you and putting it next to your ear, and then having to shout as the reception was so bad.

Who knew that it was just the beginning!

We all need to embrace the new General Data Protection Regulations. They are going to benefit and help us all in a world of social media that is, I believe, out of control. For instance just imagine an inbox that is full of emails that you actually want to receive instead of 90% spam and marketing junk. This is just the beginning of us all feeling that we can have more control than ever before over who we want to communicate with and, more importantly, who we want to communicate with us. A world where you, as a customer and your clients, will all feel safer knowing that your data is protected in law by the people who are gathering it. How many scary stories do you regularly read/hear about concerning internet fraud? Too many.

I also feel that it will eventually be much more efficient and effective for businesses with more and better engagement from clients/customers who want to talk to you and be part of your world, because it was their choice.

In my experience I have seen how effective social media campaigns have been but we are all aware of the negativity and how quickly that can spread in our fast pace world of media.

What has become very apparent is that ‘the experience’ is the key phrase when it comes to our precious time, time after all is one of our greatest gifts, add that to a great experience and bingo, life’s good.

We can support your business with both – time (Martin) – we do all the hard work for you and tick that important ‘compliance’ word off the to do list and experience (me)– we are a great team to work with and we also want to continue working with our clients so therefore our obsession is ensuring that your time and experience with us is one that you want to repeat. BINGO!

Remember the new GDPR law is being introduced not to make things more difficult, rather to help ensure a better and safer future in the world of social media for us all.

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