Only 343 days until Christmas

Well, that's that over with for another year, although I'm reliably informed by those in the know' that it comes around faster and faster each time around. Good news for me because personally I love that time of year.

GDPR seems to have gained a quantum jump in interest levels since the break, it will soon start hitting the news meaning even more momentum will be gained. As ever the advice is to take advice. Quite a lot of companies need to do very little despite the scare stories circulating - give us a call if you feel you need help, a visit and an overview costs nothing.

Only a few days into 2018 and we were told of two new vulnerabilities, Meltdown and Spectre. These vary from the more normal issues in that they aren't actually viruses, they are hardware issues that have the potential to be exploited by malicious code. Only Intel processors are affected (which basically means everyone btw) and patches are being rolled out in due course. Windows, MacOS and some BSD builds have already been patched in terms of Meltdown, however Spectre is a more complex issue, requiring fixes from Application vendors (including browsers). Yet again the advice of keeping both Operating Systems and Applications up to date proves its worth.

An excellent technical article on these vulnerabilities can be found here;

Read more here

News just breaking today, hackers have compromised a server running Blackwallet (a web based application that stores Lumens cryptocurrency) and stolen $400,000 worth of the Stellar Lumen Cryptocurrency (yes there's more than just Bitcoin). No real information on the structure of the hack for obvious reasons but it's doubtful the victims will see that currency appear in their wallets ever again. Bitcoin was worth around £2000 as little as 3 months ago, it hit £7,000 just before Christmas (although it has since dropped back) making it an extremely tempting investment. Personally I think it's a great way to transfer money around the planet without involving (expensive) banks however as an investment it looks just a little too exciting..

Read more here

That's it for now. Now that Blue Monday is over and done with then Happy January..

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