September update

With GDPR getting closer we're of course seeing more enquiries, anyone who already has to conform to the Data Protection Act will almost certainly need to be GDPR compliant. We're guessing we'll see a real rush as the date approaches, much the same as pension companies were inundated when the new employee pension guidelines became law.

Deloitte have just announced a data breach that occurred back in March. Data stolen includes clients' secondary email address. On the face of it this may not seem too dangerous (bit more spam maybe) however the secondary email address could make fraudulent emails look even more genuine. Hackers will exploit as much personal information as possible in order to persuade people to part with much more valuable information (credit card/Bank account details for instance). One approach is to use a secure email service. Secure emails are encrypted and the recipient only see's a link. In order to read the email the recipient has to enter their username and password details. Much safer than normal email. Remember the general advice with emails is never put information in the email that you wouldn't write on a postcard..

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