Everyone just wants to get on with business right.. Of course we do, but just as we lock up the car when we leave it parked we also need to ensure or business is secure. Nowadays it's impossible to run a business without some sort of IT based assistance, PC's or servers, but while these things can seem quite easy and straightforward to use (mostly) they are actually extremely complex systems. This sadly leaves the way open for undesirable access to what in a lot of cases is your core business - could you operate if your Client Relations Manager (CRM) or your contacts database was either offline or worse deleted ? Our company aims are to provide services whereby businesses and individuals can achieve a minimum secure standard making it either extremely difficult or even impossible for unauthorised access or malicious damage to occur. One of the greatest defences against unauthorised access is the sheer size of the internet. Should you become the victim of an internet based probe then as long as you've taken minimal steps then the probe will get no results and simply move elsewhere.

We'll be posting more on this incredibly interesting subject as time goes on so please check our blog regularly for new ones.

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