Cyber Security Audit

On site audit of current IT infrastructure and security.



  • Firewall configuration

  • Risk Assessment

  • Full Vulnerability scan (over 60,000 known hacks tested for) including remedial action

  • Workstation software firewall config checked

  • Antivirus tested in real time

  • Assessment of server reliability

  • Disaster recovery procedures

  • Disaster recovery testing

  • Backup procedures

  • Email domain configuration

We use the same tools used by hackers to check and test your network. We issue a full report which includes advice and guidance for any required remedial action points. Cybershelter work with your existing IT provider giving you an independent view for your current IT investment. Although your servers are working can they handle a hardware failure? Should you suffer a data loss or breach are your current procedures robust enough for your business? Will your data backups work, it's imperative backups are actually tested, something a lot of companies miss.

Secure Email Hosting

Secure Email Messaging is a powerful, secure, cloud-based communications and information management solution that enables regulated and non-regulated organizations to effectively protect, control, and manage communications.

At its core, Secure Email Messaging makes it simple to send and receive secure messages directly within email apps (including Outlook, Office 365, and Gmail) using existing email addresses. It is fully functional on mobile devices. In addition, Secure Email Messaging’s robust feature set enables real-time message tracking and control, large file transfers, secure e-signature validation, and regulatory compliance and archiving capabilities.

On sending an encrypted email the recipient receives a link to click on. Once they authenticate then they have access to the mail. Any recipient can be sent an encrypted email, if they are a first-time recipient then they go through a simple sign on process.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Human Error is by far the most common cause of Data loss. We provide ongoing assessments and training programs to ensure staff are as aware as possible of all the various scams and phishing attacks that they may be subjected to. We give easy to read feedback on staff awareness, completion of on-line training courses and on failures exposed by dummy emails sent at random to staff email addresses.

We partner with USecure to provide our on line training portals and more information can be found here;


USecure Security Training

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials plus

Cyber Essentials is a minimum standard that recognises a company has undergone an IT security Audit and is compliant with a number of IT specific security standards. It is a government endorsed scheme. The compliance standard is technically based and ensures you have secure protocols and procedures in place, going some way to ensure a cyber-attack is much more difficult than it otherwise would be. CyberShelter will manage this entire process for you. As long as our advice is followed, we guarantee compliance. CyberShelter are also a CB (Certifying Body) for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials+

Cyber Essentials plus is an extension to the Cyber Essentials scheme, it includes a more robust internal and external network vulnerability scan, additional testing of AV and browser protection systems and more in-depth analysis of software that is in use by the client.

Cyber Essentials - further information

Disaster Recovery Planning

When business is running the way it should then it's easy to forget that things can go wrong. Critical IT hardware should be configured in such a way as to ensure that when hardware fails (and it will fail at some point) then business can continue with little or no interruption. The least reliable parts of a Server are the hard disks and the power supply. A correctly specified Server will continue operation even with a hard disk or power supply failure. Even with correctly specified and configured hardware backups should be taken via cloud providing an off-site backup (protecting against fire or theft). Cloud backups can also allow remote access to business critical data in the event of a local server failure.


A correct and well designed Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan will ensure business continues even though a major failure has occurred. This can be IT related, unexpected building access restrictions or even a viral outbreak necessitationg social distancing. A DR solution can take many forms from the simple to the complex but whatever the case it should be well documented, regularly updated and regularly tested.

IASME Audit and Governance


The IASME Audited standard is designed for SME's and is an excellent and cost effective alternative to ISO27001. It covers;

  • Network border security

  • User security

  • User device security

  • Data security

  • Virus and Malware protection

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Monitoring

  • Training

  • Change Management

  • Incident Response and Continuity

Clients can self-certify or they can achieve a higher standard of certification through an on site audit. 

More information on IASME


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