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Be risk averse!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

It’s now five months since I started working with Cyber Shelter. I just can’t believe where the time has gone! And it’s been busy, working with and meeting such an array of clients which has also been really interesting and fun. I never thought I’d say this but I don’t miss shopping as much as I thought I might. We have a real diverse range of clients, Accountants, Solicitors, Estate Agents, Hotels, Publishing, White House Farm, Creative Agencies and even a Pre-cast Cement Company! I am meeting so many great people and love being based back in the North East.

The deadline for the new GDPR law was Friday 25thMay and we are still receiving a lot of enquiries. We are often asked if contracting a specialised company is required to become GDPR compliant. It’s true that if you have the time and resources that you could probably work to compliancy yourself. The advantage of working with us is that not only do we carry out all the necessary GDPR checks we also ensure that you have the right security deterrents in place. This is now becoming the focal point of our business and we have advised on implementing so many new installations which are basically just good housekeeping. Imagine your computer as a house, if you have burglar alarms, safety standard locks and CCTV then a house without all those deterrents is going to look much more vulnerable. The same applies to your own IT Security networks. Don’t be caught out. What price would you put on your business – priceless right? Mix this with your business reputation and the fact that you could lose everything overnight, is it worth the risk?

Be risk adverse it could take as little as one day of your time.

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