Disaster Recovery Planning

When business is running the way it should then it's easy to forget that things can go wrong. Critical IT hardware should be configured in such a way as to ensure that when hardware fails (and it will fail at some point) then business can continue with little or no interruption.

The least reliable parts of a Server are the hard disks and the power supply. A correctly specified Server will continue operation even with a hard disk or power supply failure. Even with correctly specified and configured hardware backups should be taken via cloud providing an off-site backup (protecting against fire or theft). Cloud backups can also allow remote access to business critical data in the event of a local server failure.


A correct and well designed Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan will ensure business continues even though a major failure has occurred. This can be IT related, unexpected building access restrictions or even a viral outbreak necessitationg social distancing. A DR solution can take many forms from the simple to the complex but whatever the case it should be well documented, regularly updated and regularly tested.