GDPR Security Audits

Audit of your Companies procedures, systems and security to bring you up to the standard required by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), the Data protection Act 1998 and GDPR (May 2018)

+ Definition of Personal Data
+ Special Categories of Data
Staff overview of Data handling
+ What you can and cannot do with Personal Data
+ The Right to view
The Right to be forgotten
+ Data identification, storage and Access
+ Role of Data Protection Officer, Data Controller & Data Processor
+ Definition of a Data Breach, what to do and when to do it

+ Formal GDPR Certification through theIASME Governance scheme 

How it works

The Audit can be quite quick, depending on the companies size and what the company does, in some cases it can even consist of one of our forms being completed by us with you remotely. Depending on the Data you store you may not even need to worry about GDPR compliance, we will always advise accordingly.

Larger companies will require an on site Audit. On completion you will recieve a Certificate of Compliance from CyberShelter, valid for 12 months. The Audit includes quarterly calls/visits to ensure ongoing compliance. See for more information.