About us

Cybershelter was established in 2016. It came out of an obvious requirement to provide independent IT security consultancy services, driven by ever increasing internet based threats and the huge growth of social media. The government has also recognised this requirement and the response has been to introduce Cyber Essentials (a baseline security compliance standard), Cyber Essentials Plus (and uplifted version of Cyber Essentials) and also the  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as of May 2018. This is an update to the now inadequate Data Protection Act of 1998.

We specialise in giving independent advice surrounding  IT and Network security, IT Infrastructure and the GDPR. Our clients include Law Firms, Energy companies, Leisure sector companies, Printers, Educators, Manufacturers, accountants, service industries and media firms. Our on site audits consist of checking each individual PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone, checking the company firewalls and running in depth vulnerability scans across the network, servers and PC's. If you have any kind of vulnerability we will find it.


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