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At CyberShelter we're extremely experienced with the world of IT, having almost 50 years of in depth IT engineering experience. This gives us a rock solid foundation from which to advise our clients on not only cyber security but also on all aspects of IT.
We believe we've isolated a requirement for SME's and larger companies targeted at IT Security, providing targeted help and advice to ensure they are not only well protected but also, should disaster strike, they are in a position to have their business back up and running with minimal damage and cost.
Obviously Cyber Security is becoming more and more of a concern, not only to individuals and businesses but also to the UK Government. A voluntary certification (Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials plus) has already been introduced but due to poor adoption the Government has now introduced GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). Compliance to GDPR is compulsory as of May 2018 (More can be found regarding GDPR elsewhere on this site).
We are a Certifying Body for Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance meaning we are in a position to guarantee a pass when we come to submit the application. Our advice of course needs to be followed before we make the submission. Our staff are Certified Information Systems Security Certified (CISSP) and Certified Ethical Hacker Certified (CEH) making us extremely well positioned to ensure IT systems are secured. 


Our Services

IT Consultancy, covered..

We're focussed on IT and Internet security but we also offer additional services to our clients. Since we've been in the business for so long we can offer advice on almost any IT based subject, including Internet connectivity, IT infrastructure, storage, telephony, backup and cloud based services. We can even advise on pricing and which local company is best placed to provide and install your requirement. Although we don't actually sell or install hardware we've so much experience in this area that we can advise on hardware and deconstruct any quotation to ensure the client is indeed getting value for money.

Cyber Security

Secure your Business

This service is designed to examine, confront, and solve your business security needs. We will attend your head office and analyse your infrastructure, specifically looking for weaknesses in either hardware configuration or with staff attitudes to secure methodologies.  We then prepare and deliver a Directors Report which will highlight areas of weakness and also indicate the required remedial action. We work hand in hand with your existing IT service provider and will liaise with them directly regarding any technical aspects that are required. Our target is for your company to attain and be awarded a professional and recognised certification. Once awarded we ensure ongoing infrastructure and staff compliance by revisiting your premises several times per year.


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