Internet Security

Total Cyber-Security Management

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials plus compliance, IASME Governance,

ISO 27001 compliance

On site analysis of your IT systems and a full risk assessment of Cyber related vulnerabilities, we scan for over 50,000 vulnerbilities, check your WiFi security and ensure routers and firewalls are fully patched. We don't just guide you through the minefield that is a Cybersecurity Audit, we actually manage the whole process from project start to finish. Then we provide ongoing monitoring to ensure your company is as secure as you need to be. Our GDPR Audits are painless and we will help you through any non compliant issues. We revisit every 3 months to ensure ongoing Compliance. Depending on the service provided you will receive a Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials plus or ISO 27001 certificate of compliance.

Expert Guidance

Cyber Education

One of the greatest worries in maintaining a secure business is with ensuring your staff are aware of the safest way to use the internet. We can educate your staff in terms of password security, GDPR compliance, email awareness and general cyber safety. We do this on an ongoing basis, regularly visiting your premises to maintain an acceptable level of cyber awareness for your IT staff. We can also send simulated Phishing attacks at random to your staff. If successful then they are presented with a small online training course on how to avoid being drawn in by Phishing attacks.

Protection for Retailers

PCI DSS Comliance

Your retail business is at risk if you’re not PCI DSS compliant. Non compliance means that your business can be deemed as responsible should you or your staff process a fraudulent transaction. This means that although the card owner will usually be reimbursed the card issuer may well not reimburse your business for the transaction. And this is even before we take any technical insecurities into consideration.


Cyber Shelter will help you become PCI DSS compliant, removing the worry of either fraudulent transactions or being the victim of a cyber-attack, one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. We do this by ensuring your Data borders are adequately protected, Data storage is properly set up by introducing ongoing secure processes plus ensuring that your Data transmission is secure.


We provide you with a full report and also with documentation that recognises and proves you have had a full PCI DSS audit carried out by an experienced cyber security expert.

Additional Services

Have a worry or spotted something suspicious. Have a question regarding your ongoing GDPR compliance. Call or email us with the issue and we'll investigate the problem and provide you with the level of risk you could be exposing your company to - If it's an email for example we'll open it on our secure system and monitor for unexpected behaviour.

We're focused on IT and Internet security but we also offer additional services to our clients. We've been in the IT business for so long we can offer advice on almost any IT based subject, including Internet connectivity, IT infrastructure, storage, telephony, backup and cloud based services. Need a sanity check ? We can advise on pricing and which company is best placed to provide and install your requirement. Although we don't actually sell or install hardware we've so much experience in this area that we can advise on hardware and deconstruct any quotation to ensure that you, the client, is getting value for money.

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